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Delhi, Rohini, India
Last online: 2 years ago

When you think MUSIC- you think Melody, you think Rhythm and you think Flow.

The Flow that has been since eternity, is in the present, will be till infinity.

Add to it a ripple, a storm that draws you in and holds you in its mystery, mastery and novelty.

That is Galileo at work- opening doors to new adventure, new world, new music. This is a music you have not experienced before. This is a music that you will not be able to free your spirit from- ever.

This journey started early in teens when his peers were still finding their feet, Galileo was producing, performing and experiencing music at various prestigious platforms. Trinity Melbourne, Trinity Guildhall and the Delhi School of Music have been shaping him since early days. Without any formal training in Music, Galileo believes that rules are meant to be broken, boundaries are meant to be stretched and music is an experience of the souls that can not be bound in any rules or boundaries.

Yanni has been a strong influence on Galileo’s sense of style and versatility. And the beginning of a thought- "My music will touch the soul of a listener. They will want to close their eyes… Holding the experience within. Not letting it go, even when it stops playing. "

Come experience Music. Feel Callisto get within your veins. Listen. Lose yourself. Find yourself. Love. Feel. Float. And drown.

Total Immersion.

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