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London, United Kingdom
Last online: 7 months ago
I've studied music since the age of 9 and it has always been my passion. I have completed the 8 years of the Music Conservatoire of Lisbon, and then entered the composition course at Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (music college of lisbon) with the age of 17, being the youngest person ever to enter that course. I found it to be extremely disappointing, a strict and modern square view into music, with no room for anything else, more about mathematics than intuition or spontaneity. After that year I decided to apply for the Cinema course at Universidade Lusófona, because the sensibility of image and directing always moved me deeply. Through my cinema studies I became fascinated with the music and sound associated with image and the way it can change the meaning of what we see and also how it affects the audience. While studying Cinema I was offered my first professional works in music for advertising in national television, and from that moment I never stopped making it. In 2009 the electronic-rock band Soapbox was born. It won an award for Best New Portuguese Alternative Band and a contest to play at the SBSR Festival, alongside Depeche Mode, Motor, Nouvelle Vague and others. I have also been a part of the Gulbenkian Choir for almost ten years now, providing high-quality musical experience on which I believe was the best surrounding for me to exert myself and achieve my professional goals.