Gregg Martin
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Los Angeles, United States
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DJ Gregg Martin bio

West coast native, Gregg Martin, has quickly become established as one of L.A.’s coolest deejays, seamlessly spinning open format music blending Funk, Pop, Rock, 80s, 90s, Hip-hop, Disco and all types of EDM, including Electro and Progressive House. Whether its rocking a club, lounge or huge warehouse party you’ll be dancing.

Gregg’s wide ranging tastes developed early on, heavily influenced by his parents’ vast record collection which included artists such as: The Beatles, Depeche Mode, Hall & Oates, Earth Wind and Fire, the Bee Gees, Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac and even 2Pac. These music styles helped shape Gregg’s eclectic music collection that he sources from to create atmosphere.

Gregg’s encyclopedic knowledge of music and remarkable skill have since taken him around L.A. performing at various venues such as the opening of The Argyle Hollywood, Hyde, the Roosevelt, Skybar, the W, Hollywood parties, fashion shows, corporate functions and special events including the Mortal Kombat premiere party and the Project Runway Wrap Party at NYC fashion week.

While every event brings a new crowd, Gregg always approaches with one goal - “That the next morning people say they had the night of their lives.” Reading the crowd is his specialty, and Gregg constantly focuses on what is needed for the night, whether it’s getting people to tap their foot to the beat or turning the dance floor into a frenzy - “Because the memory of the night is just as important as the night itself.”

Additionally, Gregg is an actor who has appeared on many TV shows such as the new sitcom Kirstie, Body of Proof, iCarly and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Gregg draws upon his acting experience to further enhance his DJ performances. “DJing is no different than acting. You come prepared but anything can happen. Success lies in feeding off the energy of another person or crowd. It’s a constant cycle of give and take and the better reaction you get from the crowd, the better the experience you have provided.”

DJ Gregg Martin bio – Funky version

Music is no stranger to Gregg Martin. As a baby, he mistook his mother’s breasts for turntables. Potty time was referred to as the 1s and 2s. Fast forward to later in life when he was adopted by a pack of wild coyotes who taught him how to be ferocious in front of a crowd. Having grown up on some of the toughest streets in L.A. comes the illest DJ to ever hit this nastiest we call life. A man who has gone from ashy to classy and lived to tell it, with great honor I introduce you to the man, the myth, the legend: Mr. Gregg Martin

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