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Lyons, United States
Last online: 2 years ago

I am a freelance graphic designer with over 25 years of experience in creative art direction, graphic design, marketing, print and production.
I have been a free-lance designer as well as an employee or associate of advertising, computer service and political consulting firms. In these roles, I have worked with many kinds of clients and developed successful programs for their graphic needs.
I work on projects from initial concept all the way through creative design and writing copy, to production and completion of the project.
I am also very comfortable managing budgets and deadlines. I like to establish a budget for a project before I start. I work with my clients to define their project needs. My fees are based on time and costs. Some jobs take more time than others. Often I can work with a client to come to a fair price for my work. If the client’s needs change as a project progresses, I discuss the changes with them, and whether the changes might affect the established price.
I can supervize printing or I can send the files to the client’s printer and they can take the project from there. I have a good working knowledge of most printing and graphic production techniques. I have produced jobs for off-set, screen, letterpress and other kinds of printing.
I am comfortable doing press-checks and looking at and approving printers’ proofs.
I work on Macintosh computers.
I usually work with the Adobe Creative Suite software: InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop, Acrobat Pro and Safari. I also have experience with Flash and DreamWeaver. I have been using the Adobe Creative Suite software daily for years and I keep my software up to date through the Adobe Cloud.
I know that my creativity, background, competence and work ethic would be an asset to any business that needs good, well designed, consistent and thought-out graphics.
As a free-lancer, I am always ready to back-up design groups when they face large projects that they do not have time to do. I can fill in when a group may need a temporary designer or production person and can work on site or here at my place.
I enjoy production and can follow style and format already designed. I have produced many multi-page projects as well as tight deadline work.
Susan Gross

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