Hassan Inayat Chaudhry (Cosmos)
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Islamabad, Pakistan
Last online: 11 months ago

Hassan Inayat Chaudhry (Cosmos)is a 16 year old producer from Islamabad Pakistan. By being inspired by Hardwell, Dzeko & Torres and Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman and many more. He started producing in 2014, and released his first official track in 2015 ‘Lets Go’. He has remixed tracks from likes of HANNIS and Manse, He has also participated in quite a lot remix competitions. With over 2800 views on soundcloud. Hassan has perfected the sheer art of connecting melodies with drops, and eventually with buildups. He is bound to learn from artists and it is his dream that one day he’ll perform at Tommorwland.

Followed by MD Electro & Lex Green
Suppor from WanderLust, HAZE, Diam Ureem, Ryam Shafiq
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Facebook: www.facebook.com/hassaninayatchaudhry


Email: https://www.twine.fm/signin

    uniE603 Manse feat. Alice Berg Freeze Time (Cosmos Remix)