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Reno, United States
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My name is Mecca, Founder of Hooks N Punches™, I am a True HipHop head submerged in the HipHop Culture since birth,I was Born in Paterson NJ (East 24th st. Between Broadway and 12th ave.), Raised in the Bronx, NY (Castle Hill Projects, nuff said) Now residing in Reno, NV

Hooks N Punches™
Consists of Lord Mecca ICU and C- Los
A collaborative of a East Coast Emcee and a West coast Emcee that share the same passion, but from 2 different Generations, I (Mecca) have 25 years in music, while C-Los has 8 years, but the skill levels match so well, balanced and skilled

We bring the sound of pure HipHop, True to the roots of the gift we were enlightened with

We also offer the services of Hosting events/Festivals/Shows
And Directing and Editing Video!
We work with ALL budgets!

We want to collaborate with all that can identify, and if you cant identify, lets build, I promise it will be an enlightening experience

YOU Are The Soul Controller.


    uniE603 POWER - Hooks-N-Punches (Trappin N Backpackin)
    uniE603 BrainStorm - Lord Mecca ICU (HooksNPunches) BBCV3
    uniE603 SKELLY- Hooks-N-Punches BBCV3
    uniE603 ABOMINATION- Hooks-N-Punches BBCV3
    uniE603 MONSTER- Hooks-N-Punches BBCV3
    uniE603 8. I.C.U ft. Apprentice (EACH One/TEACH One)
    uniE603 6. Timeless pt.2 ft. C - LOS (EACH One/TEACH One)
    uniE603 5. c.R.e.a.m ft. Type Two (EACH One/TEACH One)
    uniE603 4. Tick Tock- Lord Mecca ICU (EACH One/TEACH One)
    uniE603 2. When I Show Up ft. Goonie Wolfe (EACH One/TEACH One)
    uniE603 1. Unlockin The truth- Lord Mecca ICU (EACH One/TEACH One)
    uniE603 .7 The Prophet- Lord Mecca ICU (EACH One/TEACH One)

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