Jef Ciarvi (Human Robot)
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São Paulo, Centro, Brazil
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Human Robot (Jeferson Ciarvi)

In the 90’s presented by DJ Oscar Bueno in um space INTENDED one Reveal New Talent night on the legendary “Technova” in extinct Lov.e Club Lounge where resident DJ was nothing more nor less than the DJ Mau Mau, Jef came the sob pseudonym Human Robot and launched Grandes Canciones de THROUGH YOUR authorship to seal Tranzmitter NetLabel and Brazilian A Collection of Great Respect Call BEC Brazilian Community electronics. Public recognized hair touched with Great DJs and friends nd SP scene ate Days SE Today Featuring Several parties and clubs.

With unmistakable His style, Jef always carries with it the essence of electronic music underground, it was Goer’s “Hell’s Club” (the First After-Hours of Brazil) not Old Space Columbia in SP, Wed School is proud to have been part and hum of Icons More IMPORTANT electronic music in the Paulista scene. That fact is a constant brand always Influences YOUR GIFTS FROM YOUR Beginning carreria and AT ITS sets and Musical Productions.

Currently Jef dedicates himself as YOUR intensive Way Productions, creator make Classic “The Amazing World of machines” Album que gave origin one hum EP of remixes SIGNED IN Big Names of the Electronic scene in Brazil and in the world between eels the Giant Detroit Responsible by Seal Teknotika Records> GiGi galaxy (Gary Martin), along with Mau-Mau, Franco Jr. Steve Caine, Don Mwakio, Adriano Haveck, Yallah Fingah and Vector Commander (Alex Strunz). AND he opened Para que Path page Other Great Releases National and International, including the seals Production Shark55 (Italy), Pauchy Cat Records, Music Kieso, 13Z Rec., Other reactive between

Jef Today is hum of Nomos More promising Brazilian Production and currently STILL will give a lot to talk For there … um invitation for those who respects and appreciates quality and good taste Songs.

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