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São Paulo, Centro, Brazil
Last online: 1 year ago
I.M.G.N. PRODUCTIONS Christian O. Bicudo Contact : inmygnation@gmail.com DJ Chris B aka Phunk Dub : A DJ Beyond Frontiers, with more than 15 years of experience in Festivals, Clubs, Bars, all types of Events and After Hours. Chris B has dedicated his entire life to develop Music & Beats or Beats & Music. Graduated in Sound Engineering at SAE (Melbourne-Australia), he has travelled, played and partied in all levels possible. Been producing songs for different projects, always with a groove style over all his sets, going from old school to the new school or vice-versa. With all types of classy n nasty e-music to Design a Sound to pretty much anywhere, at anytime to any music fan or freekish crowd. DJ at the highest levels, always searching for a good vibration for the proper place to Satisfy our Souls. All Deep Tech-House / Soul / Funk / Jazz / Hop / Dub / Funkadelic. Love, Body n Mind.

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