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Anaheim, United States
Last online: 7 months ago
JR Ancheta of #JustUsLocalsOnly #Nonsince #Music #HipHop #Games #MyLife https://www.twine.fm/JRALocalsOnly Crew: @AVLBJULO Go ahead and take a listen. =)... Hip Hop and you don't stop.
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      uniE603 #ItIsWhatItIs EP Coming Soon... (Under Construction)
      uniE603 With Respect to @chopgodlewi, I wrote raps to cheermyself up.
      uniE603 Dat EARL Beat Clap Beat (Freeverse)x AVLO ("Earl")
      uniE603 [ThrowBack] 30 Minutes or Less (@jay-alpha-1 "Kame's Crib") feat. JR Ancheta (of JustUsLocalsOnly)
      uniE603 JR Ancheta - WithOutYurLuv (Beat Prod. By @offbeatninja123)
      uniE603 Shore (prod. by @Sawley) Dedicated to Jaquille Wiseman [Rest In Paradise]
      uniE603 JR Ancheta - Storm (Unfinished) Beat By @k0ru
      uniE603 JR Ancheta - Capella Raps (Rough Cuts)
      uniE603 JR Ancheta - Z.E.R.O 2: The Cypher Submission| Troy L x Jvst X (Ft. V.A)