Jasiri Uhuru
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Jasiri Shujah-Mfalme wa Uhuru (the RebelLion Poet) has over 20 years of experience with writing, reciting & performing poetry as well as conducting mentoring, creative writing & poeTherapy workshops. He is available for workshops, performances, recordings anthologies, book signings etc. Books by Author~ LOST BETWEEN RHYME & REASON (2012) EVOLUTIONARY SUICIDE (2013) THROUGH TWO BLACK EYES: REVOLUTIONARY POEMS, PROSE & PONDERINGS (2013) SHADES OF LOVE: EVOLUTIONARY POEMS, PROSE & PONDERINGS (2013) Spoken Word Recordings~ LOGOS Vols I & II (2013) Contact Information~ www.jasiriuhuru.com jasiriuhuru@gmail.com rebellionpoet.blogspot.com www.facebook.com/RebelLion.Poet
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