Buda János
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Csajág, Hungary
Last online: 7 months ago
John von Wh1te // D j // Voicepainter Dj Style: Universal Dj Dj Genres: House , Vocal House , Progressive House , Electro House. : http://www.facebook.com/JohnVonWh1te ///////////////////// https://twitter.com/JnosBuda My passion for music dates back to my early childhood years. During my time in collage I started mixing at house partys, then in 2009, I took a DJ course. My work aired in a france internet radio station first, and I was making programs in several hungarian internet radios with weekly frequency. I concentrate on the future: The agenda for this year lists making mashups, bootlegs, and to publish my own music as well as to play out at clubbs and festivals. I mainly play vocal–, progressive–, and electro–house, but my set of souds is not limited to only the ones listed. Wanna play my mixes on your Radio ?? No problem , just contact me here: janos.buda@gmail.com

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