Joshua Colmenares
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Jackson, United States
Last online: 7 months ago
Hey Djents (Gents) Name's DJosh (Josh) Colmenares I'm the drummer perhaps I Love playing garageband Drumming styles with MIDI Editor mode Yeah, I doing Instrumental song covers that I really like I've already work on some anime OST Arrange cover, and any Bands Instrumental covers I got my electronic drum kit DTX400K Yamaha I''m playing my drum kit on youtube I'm also got myself a Apple MAC Laptop And now I'll gonna do those stuffs on youtube for now on and sometimes i'll upload on soundcloud Musicians/Artsists/Bands/Genres I Like: Dir En Grey, Periphery, Tesseract, Yuyoyuppe, Utsu-P, My Eggplant Died Yesterday (M.E.D.Y), Classical Music, Symphonic Rock/Metal, Progressive Metal, Anime OST, Latino Music, and World Music J-Rock, Onmyouza, Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Any Music Genres. O.K., It's showtime or

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