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Los Angeles, United States
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Josh Hyde was born in Los Angeles 1978. Son of legendary recording artist Dick" Slyde " Hyde, who has played hundreds of live performances and recorded on hundreds of tracks with the biggest names in music history. At an early age it was apparent that Josh loved music. He would go to a lot of his Dads live performances and be around some of the most musically influential people this world has ever seen.
A natural born performer Josh would put on shows for the whole family and make them laugh. Josh started playing the Piano at 5 and would then go on playing Trombone at age 8. After a few days in class, Josh was enrolled into the GATE- “Gifted And Talented Education” program.
Josh played first chair Trombone in the Colina Concert A Band, Marching Band, and Jazz Band, then continued to play first chair Trombone through grade school playing numerous concerts and events. At 13, Josh picked up the Guitar and studied under Chuck Yamek. Josh played with a few local bands growing up, then moved to Hawaii at age 18. Josh studied Piano under Chris Link for as long as he could, then moved back to Los Angeles after a few years. Josh is now known for his work on “Sexual Intrigue”-2000, “KUSH”-2007, and just finished his latest score on “Street” -2012 a York Shackleton film based on a runaway girl lost in Portland OR.
Currently Josh is working on his solo album, and “Pink Tie Mafia”- an alternative new wave project…
CONTACT- https://www.twine.fm/signin