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Canandaigua, United States
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Kamakazi Skillz

Anthony Marcel Bailey (born july 16th,1990) better known as Skillz
American rapper from 155st 8th ave Harlem,Ny.Born in Harlem Hospital on 135th
and 7th ave.At the age of 8 years old i began writing always to shy
to let other people know what i was doing i always kept it a secret,
i would hide my writings under my bed, under my pillow, wherever someone
else couldnt find it. I started off writing poetry, all throughout school
i would be an outcast to the other kids i never felt i belonged so becoming
a writer was my escape from not being able to be social.2pac was always my
favorite rapper and he also wrote poetry, i felt i could relate to who he was
as a person because we shared something deeper then just rap on the streets,
he was a great inspiration for me. As i got older i started to play with words
and counter the norm, whenever someone told me something they heard i would
try to find a clever way to flip the script, if someone suggested we go left
i would be the one to argue this is why we should go right.I was different,
but i realized by the time i finished junior high school that being different
wasnt always a bad thing. By the age of 14 i started to write short stories
for everyone in school, i never really liked the predictable “hood books” girls
read in school so i thought to myself i can do this and better and have everyones
attention to read my work.i was ready to express my vision through words, and as
i always expected when people got to know me as a writer things would change.
by the 10 grade in highschool i was on to hip hop making remixes to already popular
songs and spitting my lyrics to my friends, still at this time i wasnt confident enough to
go record it have it played but writing was my thing.I did my first performance in the 11th
grade at a high school talent show after the show i was recognized people who didnt know i
could rap were now asking me for my mixtape, girls were on me and i had the juice.
By the time i turned 18 i had wrote so many songs i couldnt even keep up with them
and was ready to start putting them on wax to make my debut, but i was in the streets
and didnt take it serious, hustling was what i loved and chilling on the blocks of Harlem
i made desicions that put me away for awhile.I went to jail for a gun charge in 2008
and music became a hobby for me not a career, it was something i loved but not something
i could see happening for me. When i got out of jail i was ready to change my life, so i decided
to stay off the block i went to college and my love for music and writing started to come back i
saw other artist stage there talents and immediatly felt im way better then these “niggahs”.
So i signed up for open mic, i opened up with a poem i wrote and grabbed everyones attention,
then i did a remix to the song finale by young money it was me and a few of my friends, we wrote the track
proably 1 hour before the performance and had it memorized. when we went to perform the track i got
the biggest response i could imagine, people there just believed in me and i appreciated all the love
and just like that the old me revamped.Since then Ive recorded over 40 tracks done so many shows
i couldnt even tell you ive performed for coast to coast in NYC, California Brew Haus in Rochester, Ny
and have gained a fan base of people in the upstate area that love and respect me for my musical talents.

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