Kavitha Keralan
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Ernakulam, Kaloor, India
Last online: 1 year ago
With a B.Sc in Visual Media and and M.Sc in Electronic Media I marked a period to my academic studies. I continue to learn through reading, observing, doing and mingling with almost every living and non living thing that I come across on an everyday basis. A passion to play around with words, and a craze for thinking out of the ordinary, made a copy writer by choice. Apart from copy writing, I can prove myself as a jack of videography, photography and graphic designing. I would boast to be a friendly person, easily adapting and adjusting to people and circumstances, workaholic, helpful, having a fragile heart but a strong and bold mind. When I am not doing anything productive, I love to trouble my folks with some singing and cooking. In search of Nirvana, I'd love to listen to music, read, travel and sit somewhere quietly, fix my gaze into void and do absolutely nothing. That's pretty much me. Rest of me when we meet in person.

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