Philadelphia, United States
Last online: 2 years ago

Kevin Onedr is music. Kevin Onedr is passion. Kevin Onedr is real. Sound, creation, an experience, a masterpiece, a journey. Full and honest, emotive and real. Heavy and calm, passionate and wonderful. Onedr stands as the mind, musician, composer, lyricist, producer, engineer, and body of Kevin Onedr in its entirety. The multi-instrumentalist takes you on a vivid journey through his aural chasm-like-depth of multi-dimensional landscapes, continually surrounding and charmingly reminding his audience of Onedr’s profound concept, as you feel, move, and become immersed in this beautiful movement & understanding.

Onedr is here for the movement; to not only fuel your means of physical movement as you sway to the memorizing and captivating atmospheres of a Kevin Onedr story, but more highly, for the movement in vibration, life, and progression as one; and to the most grand degree. The message, the meaning, the purpose, is movement, progression, quality, heart, pure and wholesome creativity, leaving the audience full and craving more of Onedr’s compositions.

Kevin Onedr is Music. Kevin Onedr is here to change the world.

K. Onedr

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