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Colorado Springs, United States
Last online: 10 months ago

Hey there!

So, I’m Matt. I’m a teenage music producer, but quite new and inexperienced to the entire business. I use “lesser” products to create my music, but I try to bring the best out of them.

Now, you may be wondering, “Matt, why the name ‘KewlKraze?’ It’s kind of weird.” Indeed, it is. I chose that name literally just because it was one of the only names I couldn’t find anywhere, so I took it. That’s the story behind my name.

If you want to contact me, my email is: https://www.twine.fm/signin

PLEASE NOTE: I allow free downloads on most of my songs except for songs that will be in albums that aren’t singles. Please stick to having only the downloadable ones on your computer, and do not do anything else with the others.