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A demo of a new song; which is, ironically, one of my oldest songs that I've changed over years and years and now I'm finally happy with it. The song will feature on my new album, 'The Whisper & The Hurricane' of which all the tracks describe some dark part of the human condition. Specifically to Waterlilies, it focuses on an individual who is desperate and/or devoted. When thinking of the song, two images appear to me - one of a couple watching the destruction of their city from a vantage point on a hill or something similar - the other being a real image of a kissing couple in the midst of a riot in Vancouver, Canada. The narration could be interpreted in two ways: 1, The Narrator has lost somebody close to them, and the desperate sound of the song is a metaphor for the fragility of life and grief. 2, The Narrator is totally disconnected with reality and has been rejected by somebody that they are infatuated with; and the desperate and over the top sound of the song describe

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