Bay Shore, United States
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I’m a producer, and engineer. I started making beats and rapping, laying out tracks in garageband about 7 years ago. I ended up linking with a group/collective of artist called Street Trash Panther. This is where my skills as an engineer started to blossom. I used pre sonus studio one, then Logic, now logic pro x to record various projects with the group and myself.
I’ve mixed voices with different ranges, but never any live instruments. All my beats are samples, and composed with software. But I would be thrilled to mix something for a band. (as for recording) I have a focusrite clarette 2pre. i can only record two tracks at a time. If you have WAV or AIFF files I can make your track(s) sound good. I acquired about $10k worth of hardware, software, and plug ins along the journey. (about $3k in software and plugins.) mostly waves, also native instruments, toontrack. (daws)- logic pro x, maschine2.
I’ve always worked with in my collective for the past 6-7 years. Im just now starting to offer my services to artists, so my current rates are $3 per wav track. So if you have an intro, verse, hook, and ablibs and your instrumental is one wav track, thats 5 wav tracks. $15. If you have stems for the instrumental the rates continue at $2 per wav track(for the instrumental). If you have a project with 5 or more songs, I’ll drop a dollar on each wav track.
Also if you want a free preview, i will mix one verse for free. It could be a freestyle, or a skit, so you can actually use it. Or just send me a verse out of an existing song so you can see what I do.

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Media & Entertainment
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Logic Pro ( Expert )
REAKTOR ( Intermediate )
GarageBand ( Expert )
PreSonus Studio One ( Intermediate )

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