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Sefgud is an Independent rapper from West Chicago, Illinios. He first started rapping at the age of 13 but he had previous experience in music playing the piano sense a very young age and eventually taking on the drums, guitar, bass, and just about any instrument he could get his hands on… Sefgud’s style is very different than the majority of rappers due to his multicultural background as well as his multi-genre influence with inspirations varying from Kurt Cobain of nirvana to Tech N9ne to bob dylan or bob marley. There are many influences and inspirations that made sefgud start to rap to many to list here certainly. Sefgud began his rap career when his friend kristian mendoza introduced him to snoop dogg and tupac. He began to write simple raps but it wasnt until his ex-rock band BHM required vocals over their normally instrumental music that he became a vocalist. At first sefgud dabbled in singing and screaming but this progressed into a punk like scream very similar to rap. After realizing how similar it was to rap he morphed his style into a combination of rap , singing, and screaming making the basis of his style today. After BHM his band lost their drummer and they renamed themselves Nobody Panic where sefgud developed his beat producing skills to make up for the lack of a drummer resulting in a rock rap combination that drove him to deciede to go solo as a rapper. His first mixtape was named Fresh From The Asylum which underwent several different versions resulting in an ever changing album that was originaly released in 2009 and the final copy wich is available on dat piff released in 2014 with a range of songs from 16 years old to 21 years old. Sefgud as he grew older developed an addiction to heroin which lead him astray down a dark path of crime resulting in jail. After he was locked up he had a life changing experience telling him that his music was his passion and future not crime. Thus the mixtape Rhymes From Beneath Hell was written while in jail. The next mixtape The Inbetween times was made as a kind of midway stop between his first mixtapes and his first studio album which is still under production. The Inbetween times is also a reference to the time inbetween happiness. He met siC riC a fellow west chicago rapper and beat producer forming the rap duo Something Else. Something else released their first mixtape Falling Up(a freestyle mixtape) and is about to release Falling Up II(also freestyle). Sefgud’s latest mixtape Young Pharaoh is one of his best works to date and is a compilation of freestyles. Whats next for sefgud? Sefgud is begining to compile a tour for his mixtapes that will hopefully create buzz for his upcoming full studio album Life As A Blind Lion.

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