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Tampa, United States
Last online: 12 months ago

My name is Milato I am an aspiring 17 year-old hip hop & r&b artist, producer an engineer from Madison Illinois, which is within the St. Louis metro area

I am a very talented, intelligent, outgoing artist, who loves to create the unique art of my music as I perform and entertain music with my audience,
I love what I do
My fans are what makes me love what I do, everyday I get up and stay focused and create change.

I have a large following on social media as well at many schools all around the world

I have been performing since the beginning of 2011, I have performed at many venues ,
boys and girls clubs, charity events, fashion and hair shows, parties, clubs adult, teen and children events I was well received by my audence and fans. I have touched many with my music my music expresses me as I grow from a young man to a grown man an relates to others in situations with the struggles, heartbreak, love, money, power, strength, education, accomplishments. My vision is unique n I will help others along the way grow like I have.

My personal manager/Paula Wright she is my inspiration, I look up to her as strong n positive woman that works hard and love making a change in my life n other youth in communities

You can find me written up in many blogs including Examiner.com.

You can find my music on::
Facebook@ Too Icey Milato
Instagram @ They_krave_milato
Snapchat @ AyoTheKing

My goal is to be the best person I can be place God first and then I focus on being an artist second.

Manager contact:
Paula Wright https://www.twine.fm/signin.