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Pompano Beach, United States
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Moe Kash.

Moe Kash is an artist who set out to impress his unique charisma and direct approach on his music, working on his tracks with an eclectic and open-minded outlook.

Born in Haiti, but hailing from Broward County, Florida, Moe’s flow flirts with the old school, but showcases a focused, modern sound. The budding rapper definitely treasured the lesson learned from hip-hop icons such as Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy and TI, just to name a few icons that Moe looks up to and respects big time.
His debut mixtape, “hustle hard no days off”, showcases Moe’s passion and appeal, blasting the speakers with a tight, edgy sound, shaped by sharp analog drumbeats (808 above all!) , multilayered synth walls, and on top of it all, an outstanding lyrical flow. Hip-hop, unlike many other genres, is a true open canvas for artists and performers. All you need is a great beat and a compelling melody, a drum machine pattern, a sample or a loop from some old vinyl…in the end it’s all about personality. Moe Kash is one of those few artists that actually set out to stay true to what hip-hop is really all about: something more than just music; but a real, powerful statement of identity, individuality and characters. A way to tell a story, express a feeling and an idea through words and sounds. Infectious tracks such as “We da hottest in a million” “BalliN” are some great examples of this: Lush, retro synth sounds, 808 drum beats all the way, topped by a catchy, yet gritty lyrical flow. It’s all about that dirty sound groove.

Unlike many other rappers out there, Moe is not afraid to get out of his comfort zone: Songs such as “It ain’t easy to be me” showcase a fresh, different approach, with a “summer hit” pop vibe, a great complement to his rap skills and lyrical approach.

When it comes to hip-hop these days, everybody could just sit in front of their laptop, download a software and put some beats together: the scene is becoming over-saturated, but there is an element that always makes the difference: creativity. Moe is not trying to be somebody else, but he proudly endorses his own brand of sound and personality.

Moe’s talent has been widely recognized by his community: He was nominated best artist of 2012 at the BMA (Broward County Music Awards), where he also got noticed for the best music video of the year. If that wasn’t enough to highlight Moe’s potential, he also got to the 2nd place (of 53 performers fighting for the top spots) at the Coast2Coast music tour in Miami, in late may 2013.

Let the music do the rest of the talking and find out more about Moe Kash on his social networking websites.

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    uniE603 Keep it 100 Moe kash Feat. Jonny Monsoon
    uniE603 Moe kash-ONE WAY (codeine boy da beatdealer)
    uniE603 Moe Kash you ain't Bout Dhat Life Feat. Getem Nuk & Young Loso
    uniE603 Moe kash Feat. Tentz & Blue Magic we da hottest in a million