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Dj/Producer Kevin Diaz de Leon AKA NeoN has been rapidly rising and grabbing the attention of many artists and people in the EDM community. He is very different from most artists since he is producing music at a very young age. He creates very melodic progressive house and very gritty electro house and many more. He began producing his own original tracks in 2013.

He was inspired to dj at the age of 8 after a game called “Dj Hero” was released. He played this game and saw how amazing the mash-ups and remixes were. He then decided he wanted to do the same and he got a software called “Virtual Dj.” He didn’t know what to do at first but, he soon got the hang of how to use all the functions on the virtual turntable. Although he still wanted to do more. And that’s when the 2nd game to the “Dj Hero Series” came out.

He played this game at the age of 9 and discovered 3 interesting artists by the name of Tiesto, deadmau5 and David Guetta. He heard the mash-ups and soon realized that the mash-ups had there original tracks. That’s when he went and researched these artists and there songs. He heard Ghost’n’Stuff by deadmau5 and was interested on how all the sounds in song were created. He kept thinking and by the time he was 12 years old he joined an after school club at his middle school called “Kids Tek.” At first there were only 2 kids in the club, him and another student. The course for this club was audio design and was taught by J. Brennen Mathues AKA IYO. He taught both of them on how to make and edit sounds on a program called Audacity. After the first course ended which was December 20th, 2013 and on that day he chose a producer name for himself and that name was “NeoN.” He soon got Fl Studio from his parents and created his very first known track to the public as “Rectofunk.”

After discovering how he could make good combos with thousands of sounds he then started looking at creating “Progressive House.” His first progressive house song was “Neon Lighting” which received 7 likes and 4 reposts.

At the start of the year 2014 he the 2nd Kids Tek course began and he meet a new artist named Micheal Rodriguez AKA Sonic Tap who was into Dubstep and Trap. Although he was a grade below him they still ended up creating amazing tracks together. Also at this time, one of Kevin’s friends by the name of Bronson Miller became an artist too. His artist name was “Progressive Beats.” Something else that occurred during this time was the start of there dj group “Flightshock,” although at this time it was known as the “Producer101” but, soon later changed it’s name to the “Electric Zone.” That summer of 2014 he released his first complete album known as “Producer Life Vol.1” in which one of his tracks hit over 20 likes and 10 reposts. This track was known as “Electro-Recto.”

By December 20th, 2014 “1 Year Of NeoN Album” was released and include the first song that he ever used a piano in and was the most melodic progressive house track he had created by far and this song was “At Sundown.” By the start of 2015 he had over 100 followers on soundcloud and at this time a record label was interested in him. Although he turned it down, he still said “That this day, is not a sad day but, instead a day of realizing that I am being noticed out there in the music community.” During March he then decided to call his fan-base “NeoN Infinites.” Today he is still being recognized by many artist out in the world and is working on more progressive house tracks coming very soon.

“Life, is a song. Once you have discovered the melody, the chords, the beat and all of the sounds of a typical song that you and I listen. You will then forever become an Infinite.” - NeoN

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