Bitola, Macedonia (FYROM)
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Nikola(Dee)Ivanov was born 18.12.1978 in Bitola,Republic of Macedonia…During his childhood he was introduced to music.At the age of 8 he started taking guitar lessons,until he was 12 years old…On his 12 he bough his first cd turntables…This is when his passion for electronic music started and for the first time the though of dj-ing crossed his mind…After all,on his 14 Nikola Dee is winnig in the dj amateur contest in his country…On his 15 Nikola is starting to playing proffesional handball,for the city club,and after he makes internation carriere…But his first passion and love for music and dj-ing is still alive and number one,and on his 25 he is back on music,starting to work as a radio presenter and a radio DJ in the local radio station,and after 2 years he is started to work in national radio station…At the same time he is very active in dj-ing at the coffee bars,clubs and discoteques in Macedonia and all the countries in his region…But his passion and love for music doesnt stop here,he is looking forward to be a good music producer and text writer.Guided by this idea he is making his production studio,and hardly working day and night to make and leave good music produced by his hand…In 2006 he make his first song in cooperation with famous Jazz musician Bobi Serafimovski,and after that, songs are coming one after another.At the moment he have more then 30 cooperations with famous musicians and more then 40 songs made and produced by him…Nikola’s life moto is:Life for music,music for life!

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