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Miami, United States
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Biography of Singer/Songwriter Marcus Hugh Jackman A.K.A Marcus .J
Born On August/25/1992 In Miami Florida Most Known As The Sunshine State. With A Family of 6 Brothers and Sisters, Parents Born and Raised in Jamaica Then Moved to America When I was born. Father and Mother Separated Causing My Mother To Marry Another, (Neville Francis) Mothers Name, (Vima). As I Began To Get Older My Step Father Began Teaching The Family To Play The #1 American Sport Tennis. Were We Began Our Journey of Playing Tournaments and Traveling. Life While Playing The Sport Tennis Was Easy And Good At Times. But Also There Was The Rough Moments Of The Hard Work And Dedication That Came With The Sport. The Fact That at the Age of 10 My Mind Was Not So Focused On Being the Next (James Blake) of Tennis or (Roger Federer) My Mind Was More Towards Having Fun. But As I Began To get older I Got Matured And The Sport Of Tennis I More And More Began To Love It. My First Tournament against This Kid Austin. Two Handed Backhand, One Hand Forehand Honestly He Won That Match. At The Time I was Lazy Not Yet Fit To Match Up Against These Guys Who Had Been Training An Working Out Since Young. And at My Age Of Being 14 I was Good But Not Great. Until The Age 16-17 an Further That’s When My Talent Begin To Show I Started Winning I Begin To Gain The Love Of The Sport More And More But As I Matured Also The Gift God Has Given me Started To Mature Also As I Continued To Keep My Gift A Secret From The World Not Only In The Game Of Tennis But Also From My Parents My Friends From Elementary Until College Of Carleen Home Health School Were I Graduated With A Degree In Nursing As An LPN. But after I Have already finished, I Begin To Get Closer towards the lord Jesus Christ Leading Me To Get Saved An Truly Finding Out Who I Am An why I was given the gift to sing and ever since that moment I been taking my career of music to the highest expectation of were I’m going to be because singing is not just something I love to do but also it’s a calling on my life were to bring people closer to the lord through my music also to tell the truth on the world and to remind people to love an show passion an continue to be passionate towards their spouses or loved one’s. growing up I Never thought I would Be That Shy Kid From Miami Florida Who Grew up Playing Tennis An Got Saved An Begin To Sing as a career But I guess life an God has A way of showing you new things an how life can take you on a journey Which can Lead you to success the right way. So Now You Know My Story Of the Beginning Of My Career to where I am today. 21 With A successful Future ahead of me With A calling of The Lord An Great friends That Believe In The same God an helps me along the way. I Can Truly Say I’m Blessed to Be Here Today and I thank You For Listening To My Story. To Be Continued……

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