Barát Dávid
Pusztavacs, Hungary
Last online: 2 years ago

'Hi my name is PoTi (Barát Dávid). I’m an ordinary kid from a little town called ‘Balassagyarmat’. I like/love music from my early ages, in the beggining i didn’t selected what i was listening - the genre didn’t matter as long is was good music, but when i turned 12 , electronic music began to interest me. In the beggining of I’ve listened to dum & bass because of the style’s dynamics and sounds. The first time when i heared techno i was at my freinds place and i fell in love with the genre immediatly.For a long time i supported techno only like a listener but in time i felt an urge to learn and study dj-ing, but i realized verry quick that not only dj-ing interests me but also producing, so in 2011 I descided to start learning and producting techno/music.Fortinatly i had inspiration and support from my friends Ig Noise & Atie Horvat and also i have huge incluence from them. Of course they are not the only ones who had influence on me,some big and famous DJs/producer’s music laso like; Peat Noise,Hiab,R.Cooper,Niereich,Hackler & Kuch,Torsten Kanzler…I feel good & drivefull when i produce so i hope that with my tracks i make the listeners to feel the exact same and giving them similouar vibes in the future.

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