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Tristan Weber, aka PotencY, is a 22 year old progressive house/trance producer hailing from The Netherlands.

His musical journey began at the age of 11.

At that moment Tristan was fond of making games with the help of “RPG maker 2003”.
These games were released on forums with large communities.
The community also made MIDI songs which they released for all sorts of games.
Tristan decided to make a MIDI song himself in a programme called MIDI Maker.
The community was really fond of his MIDI’s and they were often used in RPG maker 2003 games.

Yet he felt this was not what he wanted to.

Tristan preferred to make real music, and not just a MIDI for a game.
His frustration grew as he did not know what professional programme to use he eventually stopped making music.
Not knowing this was only the beginning of a new hobby…

A few years later, around his 13’th birthday,
a dance style called : “Jumpstyle” became really popular in the Netherlands.
His entire school was into this.

Again Tristan decided to start making music.
Yet he knew that MIDI Maker was too low quality for a real song.
That is when after a long search he eventually came across Image Line’s FL Studio.

This is where his creativity started to flow like heroin trough an addicts veins.

With every jumpstyle track Tristan made he became more skilled.
People started to use his tracks in their Jumpstyle movies, and he also accepted himself as a Jumpstyle producer.
But like every temporary fashion, Jumpstyle lost his popularity.

However, this did not stop Tristan from producing music.
In fact, he registered himself on a website called “Newgrounds” and started to submit tracks there.
At that time he was into the Dance and Techno scene.

Tristan did not listen to music all that much back then, but the urge to create music was very big.
No matter how hard the criticm was, he kept making music at his own speed.
Tristan operated under three producer names at Newgrounds, called “FlashBlack aka DJTrezy”, “St0rmChaser”, and “Endeavour”.

His style slowly changed to Trance.

At the age of 17 he had produced some really good songs that became very popular.
They have been used for several popular flash games, for example “Dodge 2”.
Many people complimented him on his constantly variating tracks that never seemed to bore.

This eventually became his strong point.

At the age of 18 Tristan noticed an old friend of his was also producing music.
The style was Progressive Trance back then, and Tristan immediately liked the genre too.

He was 19 years old when he changed his name to “PotencY” and started making tracks in the Progressive scene.

Under the record label called “Digital Phunk Records” he released two Progressive house tracks called Left Behind and Aqua Vitae. Later on he found another genre he liked, called Score music. Film Score and Game Score totally caught his attention. Now he is 22 and actively producing in multiple genres. His alias for the Score music he makes is Mea Anima.

Having diversity, structure and originality as key priorities, he will produce and show the world of what he is capable of.

    uniE603 PotencY - Dreaming (Original Mix)
    uniE608 PotencY - Chord Progression Test
    uniE603 PotencY - Aeon of Thunder || Unsigned
    uniE603 PotencY - Aphelion (WiP)
    uniE603 PotencY - Trinity Force || Unsigned
    uniE603 Tristan Weber - Tranquil
    uniE603 PotencY - Aqua Vitae (Original Mix) || DigitalPhunk Records
    uniE603 PotencY - Immersion (Original Mix) || UNSIGNED - Looking for a label!
    uniE603 PotencY - Enter Nirvana || Unsigned

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