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Miami, United States
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Over the past few years Florida has seen a sudden resurgence in it’s hip-hop scene. With the likes of artist’s such as Kodak Black, Zoey Dollaz, Denzel Curry, and Bizzy Crook putting it on for the Sunshine State. However, what if we told you the next big talent coming out of the state wasn’t an artist, but a creator? An innovator who has taken the delicate art of music and turned it into a sound so revolutionary that the beat could move your body even from a mile away? Super Producer Matthew “Kayo” Rodriguez Kirkland, has, for the past five years, continued to perfect his craft, elevate his sound and take his production to the next level.

With his hard hitting 808s and Beethoven-like piano keys, Kayo has what the game is lacking and that is individuality. His music has a distinct flavor that one won’t ever forget. A heavy bass with a smooth undertone, a dark rhythm mixed with a light tempo, which ignites the listener and leaves their ears wanting to hear more. Aside from his undeniable talent, another aspect that gives Kayo the edge the hip-hop world needs is his undeniable work ethic and passion. After all, music needs a maker and kayo has given life to each and every one of his beats. It is only a matter of time before Kayo’s sound breaks through the barrier and revolutionizes hip-hop culture, bringing it to all four corners of the world.

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