Rohn Marte
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ROHN MARTE is an American singer, songwriter, producer and social advocate. Born in Harlem.

He is a young rising trendsetter amongst New York City upcoming artists. Considered by industry heavy hitters as an innovating artist with a contagious passion for the complexities of life and the possibilities of imagination. He has developed his musical signature as consistently pushing his music beyond specific classification and blending distinct sounds from multiple genres, time periods and markets, drawing from an emotional and socially enlightened point of view he creates an edgy sound that is inarguably captivating.

His music has been characterized as idiosyncratic in style with unconventional melodies, experimental song structures and soulful, innovative vocals. Marte’s lyrics deal with themes of love, longing, misgiving, and nostalgia. Strongly inspired by innovative songwriters like Prince, Michael Jackson, and Maxwell.

He strives to create a platform through his music and use it to empower present and future young adults by spreading his message of social rebellion, musical innovation and creative-freedom.


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