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Bronx, United States
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Enjoy my 1st music video titled: “Novena”:

I am an Independent Christian Hiphop artist. My goal is to bridge the gap between Catholicism and Hiphop.

Welcomre, My name is Melvin “Rabelz” Windley, as many of you may already know I am an independent Christian Hiphop artist and I run an online campaign called “The Novena Project”, so for the few econds I will explain to you why donating $5 towards my honest music video campaign is a great investment towards the evolution of Christian music in it’s entirety. Record companies are not promoting these kinds of truths. It is up to us as the consumer to demand what is right and just for our ears. We do it with food regulations, laws, and even radio music to be quite honest. So we must simply generate our own demands. Cut out the middle man & reach out to the audience for their support.

Thank You for being a part of Rabelz’s latest work by helping to financially support the Official Music Video for his single titled, “Novena”. This song will be featured on Rabelz’s Offical album titled; #MERCY scheduled to release on iTunes late 2014.

We’re so glad you decided to stop by! We have such an interesting project for you to support. For those of you who may not know, Rabelz is an independent Christian Hiphop artist who was called on a mission to re-deliver the message of Divine Mercy for all mankind which was delivered to St. Faustina On February 22, 1931 by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

This video will be shot & edited Nick Torres Santana from Jupiter, Florida who on June 12, 2014 contacted Rabelz via Facebook to congratulate him on the Novena song he recently posted to a page they mutually like; The Cathlic Hiphop Forum.

Nick then suggested to Rabelz that he shoot the video for the “Novena” single on behalf of the calling that God placed in his heart to support Rabelz’s #MERCY project.

This video will be shot in New York City & would be a great opportunity for other aspiring Christian artists to network. THIS IS GOING TO BE MY 1ST VIDEO so I desire for all of my support team #teamrabelz to be there! This is not for me! I’m happy rapping in my bathroom mirror but this is bigger than my toilet; it’s for the children’s culture of future generations to be inspired to glorify God’s mercy in their music.

The ultimate goal of this project is to offer a user-funded music video that not only represents the beliefs of the artist Rabelz himself but that of his followers as well who also toil with praying the Novena.

It is with great pleasure we present to you; “Novena”

Twitter: @rabelzthemc