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Rafa Rivelli - Brazilian, Carioca, Actor, Model and Singer - was born in City of São João de Merití/RJ – Brazil, in January 19, 1992. Rivelli began his career in Student Festivals when he was 10, winning twice as a Newcomer Singer and first placed winner. At age 17, he joined into the Pop boyband, HOTBOYS as the leader vocal of the group and at age 20, he moved to the city of Macaé, RJ - Brazil to study music and to start his first solo Project.

Rafa Rivelli made a number of presentations (titled the Blond&Naked Presentations) as a form of self-promotion of his work, with his official debut on December 31, 2013 at a party on the Ipanema beach/ RJ - Brazil.

Currently, Rivelli is working on a project titled youth, themed of freedom, love, euphoria and joy, showing that, regardless of age, everyone can be forever young. Alternating between pop style, Indie Rock style, Electronic style and Synthpop style, Rivelli plans to expand his project to the most varied audiences and signs with a label which is able to provide the necessary support for the due return of this project on a lasting basis.

The song chosen for the dissemination of the project is YOUTH (in capital letters as a way of “motto / battle cry”), and an ode to live every second of life intensely, feeling forever young.

Rivelli does not rule out the cover songs, currently only songs which have some direct reference to the theme of the project, as Forever Young from Alphaville and Here’s To Never Growing Up from Avril Lavigne. Rivelli is one of the most talented young person of his generation and with great claw when it is about the musical area, with great social concern and an enormous potential for the media.

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