Rajdeep Chatterjee
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Bengaluru, Ashok Nagar, India
Last online: 2 years ago

3 years of college life and 2 years of working in the industry…

Subtle and meaningful change in the methodology of design is the knowledge I carry with me.
Rajdeep -king of fire. Having such an interesting meaning for my name,I make myself believe that I am a little different from the rest of the folks I know.Just like an animal struggles to find a meaningful spot in the jungle and gather knowledge from its mother, I believe that I am doing the same,wherein the jungle is this career path of being a designer. I was taught that “when words become unclear. You shall focus with your creative mind”. I am still on the path of gathering knowledge and as it is truly said that knowledge is Power ! In this field, being ignorant will definitely make you feel inadequate.

I have worked with quite a diverse group of people and there is one thing that I have learnt, Every designer has a different eye by which he/she sees the world.You just have to look carefully to find one.

-KSCST (Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology)
-CiSTUP (Center of Infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning)
-Val-Ed Initiative
-Kanha India
-India Kids Fashion week 2013
-SA Digital
-Oswal Realty Pvt Ltd
-G.S College of Commerce & Economics
-Abha Stores

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