supARank ridin ina TANK!
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California born n raised…always had a likin for music but a rapper i am not. More like a spokesman for AUTHENIC LIVIN
I have a sound that comes off vulgar and is drug pumped but i promote the streets and drug use as a way of showing my indiviuality and big middle finger to the fuck boys. TRILLHIPPI is me n mine way of life and all i breathe is THTH! Dig this 70s HIPPI drug induced flower child trip …sunny brite california days full of kush smoke MASHED & INTWINED wit 90S Baby southern slurrin …narcotics poppin …trap postin …young nigga influencing to move that dope and and b no joke pistol poppin ANGER. Acid trip of a life… Neva food or flaw …no studio gangsta …no nothin but BANGBANG how it goes…I SCREAM OD!! not to tell yungs to commit suicide but to express yo self how u want and to do what u want whenever you want… FREE SPIRIT THUGGIN …100 LOVIN FLOWER CHILD WAYS LOADED WITH TRIPPY HIP BE YOUR SELF OR DIE HAVING TO FOLLOW THE FOOGAZEY…GET A SACK OR SKI MASK THAT BITCH … LIVE BY THE MOMENT N YO FACE BUT CAN ALSO LIVE FOR THE MOMENT . POLICE DISRESPECTIN …H

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