Soulja Da Rebel
Chicago, United States
Last online: 1 year ago

Michael “Soulja Da Rebel” Holmes Biography
My stage name is “Soulja Da Rebel” I’m an up and coming rap artist from Chicago, IL. The name “Soulja” came from my bravery, toughness, and everything I survived throughout my life. A “Rebel” is who I am at heart. I am not too fond of “Authority” a lot of the time. I don’t mind breaking a few rules or crossing a few boundaries when it comes to making music. This explains my hardcore lyrics and pain filled song concepts. I understand that I’m still growing and maturing not only as an artist and a songwriter but as man. Everything in life is different and my music should be to. It’s time for me to break through the glass ceiling and try my best to venture out and away from the anger and pain that’s been trapped in my music for so long and display a more versatile approach to songwriting and recording. I recorded my very first song inside a janitor’s closet of a school titled “Personality Wise” back in 2005 when I was only 16 years old. At the time I didn’t know what to expect once the song was done. When I finally heard the finished track I had a feeling in my heart and soul that to this day I still cannot describe. All I know is that it was the best feeling I have ever felt in my life. As my verse echoed through the speakers with each word I heard I fell more and more in love with creating my own music and I stuck with it ever since then. When I first started making music it was a getaway for me because as I grew up on the streets while I was in the DCFS system. It was very rough and I needed an escape. As I got older and with each song I did I felt as if I had a purpose to show the young generation that no matter what you go through in life there is always a way out and it doesn’t matter if it’s playing sports, going to school, or concentrating on a career there is a way out. It just so happen that my way out is music.

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