Sound Revolution Records
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Roma, Italy
Last online: 7 months ago
Sound Revolution promotes productions Deep, Dub & Techno. Send your demo at with a DIRECT PLAYABLE & DOWNLOADABLE LINK (as "Soundcloud Private Track Link" for example). Sound Revolution is a label born to help new young talent (producers and DJs) to release their productions in the world music industry without depending on Major Label structures. The prerogative of our project is to promote high quality productions that leave a leitmotiv pounding in the head of anyone who listen!!! The musical style that we represents mixes Deep, Dub & Techno sounds. The Sound Revolution Founder and Label Manager is Mario D'Ambrosio. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: - SOUND REVOLUTION DEMO POLICY - We're happy to listen to any demo but PLEASE FOLLOW THOSE FEW INSTRUCTIONS: - Send your demo to - Send us a DIRECT PLAYABLE & DOWNLOADABLE LINK (as "Soundcloud Private Track Link" for example). - PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY Mp3 FILE BELOW 320 Kbps!!! - PLEASE DO NOT USE ALL SENDSPACE AND YOUSENDIT LINKS THAT ALLOW ONLY ONE DOWNLOAD AT A TIME AND EXPIRE AFTER A FEW WEEKS!!! - PLEASE DO NOT ATTACH ANY SOUNDFILE, WRITE ONLY THE LINK!!! Your demo will be listened to faster if we don't have to download it before ;-) We do our best to listen to every demo sent, but please understand that we'll get back to you only if we really like your tunes and if they fit our label. - THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST & SUPPORT!!! -

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