Ciro Armando Reccia
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Naples, United States
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Ciro Armando Reccia , better know as TAPE/C, was born in 1987 in the southern techno City of Naples , and from the early age of fifteen he felt very close to the House music scene and the 90s Techno influence.
Driven by the passion for the music , Ciro continued to search and to know about this kind of music, going to many different clubs where he could listen to different dj sets from the best djs in the world and also starting to produce on different music platforms , until when Tape/C felt himself ready to buy his first consolle and start to learn how to mix. Then , with the help of his very good friends “Duo Deep” kept in touch with the digital production , and keep going days and night on producing and listening to his sounds, till the beginnings of the 2014 when he released his first track for “Waterfresh Records” Named “Old” in collaboration with his big friends Duo Deep.
Tape/C felt that something special started from that production.

TAPE/C considers himself an attentive listener of all genres of electronic music but he is influenced mainly by the techno-minimal side of it, and this is what Ciro try to do in his sets, a perfect combination of both main elements of the electronic music: the Techno and the Minimal. And he perfectly does it.
If you talk to Ciro, what for sure he says to you is :"It s not the techno that create my outs of mind, but my outs of mind that create techno…Did u get me? "

    uniE603 TAPE/C, Duo Deep - PRESS SHIFT (Original Mix) (PRESSLAB ELECTRO)
    uniE603 Leano, Duo Deep, TAPE/C - Hell Across The Tunnel (Original Mix)
    uniE603 Leano, Duo Deep, TAPE/C - Lights After The Tunnel (Original Mix)
    uniE603 TAPE/C, Duo Deep - Old [Original Mix] (Waterfresh Records)
    uniE603 Duo Deep, TAPE/C - The Vibe (Original Mix)[Selected Records]
    uniE603 TAPE/C, Duo Deep, Angelo Tortora - Ask Yourself (Original Mix)[Moustache Label]
    uniE603 TAPE/C, Duo Deep, Angelo Tortora - Skunk (Original Mix)[Moustache Label]
    uniE603 TAPE/C, Duo Deep - PSYCO (Original Mix) (PRESSLAB ELECTRO)