Record Label & Promotional Channel
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Malmö, Gamla Staden, Sweden
Last online: 1 year ago

We are a new label started

Our goal is to aim for the best free to use music in the world (some tracks is protected by us so just use them if it say free release).

if you feel that we can be the label for your music so don’t hesitate to submit your UNRELEASED tracks/demo. :

our email:

The buy button is a download button to ;) :)

Artist that have sent a track/sample to us :)

    uniE608 Esper - Disconnect [TheMusicSV + FFC Release Release]
    uniE603 Kevin Fly - LIFESTYLE [TheMusicSV Release]
    uniE603 Kevin Fly - Glimpse Of Light [TheMusicSV]
    uniE603 H3NDO - Fathom [TheMusicSV + BBC Release]
    uniE603 Lee Morris - Take Me High(Original Mix) [TheMusicSV Release]
    uniE603 Kevin Fly - End Of The World Party [TheMusicSV Release]
    uniE603 Freckle - Sugar (Original Mix)[TheMusicSV Release Free]
    uniE603 Kevin Fly - On The Way To The Stars [TheMusicSV Release]
    uniE603 Mike Roswell - Enigma ( Original Mix ) [TheMusicSV Release]
    uniE608 KEVIN FLY - Snaphoe [TheMusicSV Release]
    uniE603 Kevin Fly - Being Normal Is Boring [TheMusicSV Release]