Una Nuna
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Beograd, Savski Venac, Serbia
Last online: 2 years ago

My interest in the camera and photography began quite by accident .From pure curiosity, I asked my friend what is stadycam. Starting to talk on the subject she suggested that I try the Academy to enroll camera. I listened .I also occurred in 2007 my love at first sight or first recording with the camera. In this whole process of dating the film and video as a medium, there was a love of photography.
Video format where I was mostly focused on just shooting music videos, because I think it is precisely in such a short video can show the best but they technical and artistic abilities that a cinematographer may have.And so since 2010 deal with it.
In addition to recording the second part is just photos, which we are currently the primary job.First I dealt with only street and portrait photography. However I soon started to get involved and stereo photography, which has enabled me to another of my love and it’s music, I show the way I was feeling.And since 2013, I have worked as a theater photographer in alternative theater Dah Theatre, where I actually managed to connect all the things that interest me, but also to upgrade them and learn something new.
Of course, my greatest wish is that I hope to one day accomplish is to be a director of photography on the film . For though first love never dies.Until then, deal with all this theorizing and film art. It is my intention to enroll next year master studies media theory and art of the Rector’s Office of Arts in Belgrade.
All in all for myself I can say that I’m happy because I do work that I love and which I enjoy.

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