Vanessa Pavelski Gama
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Bauru, Vila Cardia, Brazil
Last online: 1 year ago
Hello to you! My name is Vanessa Pavelski and I am a professional illustrador and Student of Bachelor of Fine Arts on the UNESP, Brazil. You can find my works searching for Vannie Gama and contact me by e-mails. If you looking for a creative develop that work with surrealism art, morbid art, realism art or any form of 2D Art for your project, send me your idea that I can make it come true! My career is based on the develop of Graphic Novels and Painel Paintings with Oil on the Surrealism line. I work for my university on the creative laboratory, painting class and studio activities ! I'm a researh on Art Theory on the lines of : Imagination, Colors and their pigments, Perception and Metodologies of painting and '' Art Thinking '' to artistic process. Like hobbies I sing, play and breath music like garage rock, jazz, all 30-80'' music production, I still listen vynil disks. The study on Philosophy Reflections about time and science, astronomy and others are by good time. #Illustrator #VisualArtist #Photographer #Singer

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