Ethereal Decibel Records Wild Seven Reco
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Rennes, France
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Vegan Cake’s Upcoming Gigs
Sat 23 May, 15

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VEGAN CAKE (Wild 7 Recordz/Bhooteshwara Records/Ethereal Decibel Company) From France

Arnaud A.K.A. Vegan Cake is into music since almost 10 years, playing guitar in some metal/punk band or bass in some Jazz blues.
He is now putting his love for music into the mix, with one goal: giving you some powerfull psychedelic dancefloor set. In more of his passion to play music, is also the founder and manager of “Ethereal Decibel Company” who organize events in the west of france.
He is a part of Bhooteshwara Records and Wild Seven Recordz.
He also play beside such artist like Gappeq, Blisargon Demogorgon, Hishiryo, Fobi, Dark Elf, Malice In Wonderland, S.Copolamine, Yara, Malkaviam, Dirty Saffi, Nuky, Lab, Meerkut, Hashashin, Itchy & Scratchy, Samadhi…
A person of deep positives vibes and a dj to dont miss, keep an eye and a ear well open.

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