Nicholas Alexander
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My name is Nicholas Alexander, I'm an audio engineer with more than 8 years of experience in the field, specialising in writing, recording, mixing and mastering audio for music, games and film. I'm a gamer and musician at heart, I love creating music that conveys a sense of emotion and story whether it means writing Orchestral, Electronic, FX or even Rock/Metal compositions to achieve this.
      uniE603 Thy Art Is Murder - Shadow Of Eternal Sin [Instrumental] (Voidwalker Mix)
      uniE603 August Burns Red - Composure [Instrumental] (Voidwalker Mix)
      uniE603 South Korea In Vegas - House Of Cards [Instrumental] (Voidwalker Mix)
      uniE603 South Korea In Vegas - More Than Meets The Eye [Instrumental] (Voidwalker Mix)