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Podolsk, Russia
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Frontman Of Such Shit Like:
На 100 Процентов Отмудоханная Бабуля (Нх100хПхОхБх) /
Perpetual Angst (P.A.) /
Myocardical Explosion (MxEx) /
Israel Declared War To Whole World And Won /

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    uniE603 Trans - Galactic Uranus Molest
    uniE608 Вот Такая Вот Пидрушка
    uniE603 Nebulae (Epiphany Of Plasma / Divine Ascension)
    uniE603 Mother Earth, Father Sun
    uniE603 The Worst Is Yet To Come (For Money But With Heart)
    uniE603 Magnificent Dreidel Power
    uniE603 Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
    uniE608 Робот Дрочит (...На Аллаха)
    uniE603 Hexagram (The Bringer Of Knowledge)

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