michelangelo passalalpi
Oakland, United States
Last online: 5 years ago

MUSIC… my name is michelangelo passalalpi… I am a creator of many sorts…but music is my soul… since childhood I have loved music… some of my earliest memories are of my mom playing Black Sabbath Iron Man for me on my 5th birthday… I grew up around music, all kinds, being around a lot of grunge, ALice in CHains, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam… later I found my way to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin in my teenage years, forever changing my life… Half of my parents musical influence was rock n’ roll, alternative and grunge and the other half electronic, house and tech… being around the Burning Man festival for a long time I became involved with the event in San Francisco and started djing on my own… teaching myself what and how and still experimenting everyday… I draw heavily on my style from Pink Floyd and Roger Waters… not being afraid to experiment with the music and sounds and try different un-orthodox things… using vocal sampling and mixing Deep Prog Tech with Ambient, down tempo dub, and even throwing in classics in between… I love music, I love playing music and sharing great music with anyone I can… That is my goal, to play music people will otherwise never play and in a way that they have not heard before, to inspire people with conscious vocals and frequencies… we are all vibration and music tunes our souls… this is purely a passion and I love to do it… in almost my second year doing this, I feel pretty good about it… Thank you all for the amazing support and love:) it truly means the world to me:)

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