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Looking for: Comic Illustrator
Hi! My name is Dit, I'm a film director and a producer based in Bangkok, Thailand. I'm looking for an illustrator to translate my feature film script into a graphic novel for pitching to potential investors or a potential publisher. I'd like to collaborate with someone who has great art direction and grittiness in drawing style, it has no need to be in hi-quality. But it has to be unique in term of style. willing to partner up in this project, we share profits if the project got picked up, etc. Hope to hear from you, please feel free to share your portfolio with me and if you have any question, do let me know. **Are you looking to pay or is this a collaboration?** No payment, only collaboration **Do you need to hire for a specific city, country or place?** No, we can work online **When do you want to have the freelancer secured by?** 3 months **What is most important for this job?** Quality **Twine can guarantee 3 relevant freelancers for an upfront fee of $650/£500. Would you like to know more?** Yes, contact me by e-mail **How many freelancers do you want to contact you?** 10+ **Do you have a job specification or creative brief?** Yes (please enter this in the description) **Where did you find Twine?** Google
Posted 2 months agoExpires in 23 days

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