Ayush Sharma
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Ayush Sharma (sHuBi) is a resident of Jammu City (Jammu And Kashmir), India.
Starting the music career exactly on the date 1st September,2013 with the first song. He was working with no professional stuff, just a simple Laptop Microphone. He got no teaching for editing, singing and composing etc. Admitting that few of old songs doesn’t give a good sound quality, but with each new song the Quality and Level of the song was going on increasing.

He promote each and every fresher entering in this field.Now he is the Owner & Brandambassador of
“Studio - A - Productions”.

After a lot of struggle & learning he released his song with his best and the song rocked all over the world. But due to some physical issues he stopped singing & now he is a well known music producer & composer. He is now an expert in music editing’s , composing ,editing , information technology etc.

For more info log on to WWW.COOLAYUSH1626.COM

contact mail : https://www.twine.fm/signin

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