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    adidas Outdoor | Julian Zanker - Athletes Spot (HD)

    Fantastic athletes promotion spot for Adidas Outdoor featuring Julian Zanker (Ice-Climber & Base-Jumper)

    How Does Music Affect Your Mood Infographic

    Really cool infographic showing the effects of music on a person's mood.

    Design for a Samsonite Suitcase

    This awesome suitcase design was selected from thousands of entries among 8 countries and was retailed as an official piece of Samsonite luggage.

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    Warehouse Riots came together 2 years ago in the dark corners of an abandoned warehouse in Wigan. It was filthy and overrun by rats the size of small dogs but it was theirs. Following a series of noise pollution complaints, the band were forced to consider their noise output. They proceeded to cover the walls, floor and roof of a poorly constructed wooden studio within the warehouse with cheap carpet...only to find that carpet actually has little to no insulating value whatsoever. So lesson learned. However, it was following this insulating debacle that the name was born and, to this day, Warehouse Riots continue to practice in a DIY studio covered, entirely unnecessarily, in dirty brown carpet. The band comprises Mark Maclean on vocals; Andrew Maclean on bass; John Maclean on drums; and Anthony 'Salty' Critchley on lead guitar and vocals. The eclectic influences within the band make it difficult for many people to classify Warehouse Riots' sound easily. With John being a huge fan of electro/dance, Andrew being a metal head, Mark having jazz and blues influences, and Salty being an indie darling, the unlikely mix of genres is blended together in a way which works surprisingly well. The band's varied output ranges from the tongue-in-cheek, upbeat disco feel of 'Timebomb' to the slightly darker, almost grungy, atmosphere of 'Lobotomy'. In terms of experience and previous accolades, the band's last incarnation.'Francis and Master', won the 'Streetwaves Unsigned' competition in 2009 and got to the final of 'Live And Unsigned 2010'. The band has significant experience of gigging around the northwest and has recently supported American rock band 'Jeff The Brotherhood' on their UK tour. The band are currently in the studio completing their first studio album, known only as "Uncomfortable Polar Bear Face'' at this stage. They are recording with renowned music engineer and producer Mark Wainwright at Aliensound Studios. Mark was previously one half of the electro duo 'Kids on Bridges' and has worked closely with the likes of 'The Virgin Mary's' and 'The Obelisks'

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