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Gabriel Ferreira is a DJ / producer and owner of Ninefont music, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His career began in mid-2005, when he approaches some electronic tools and new software, and with the help of his brother Javier. Whatever your style, Gabriel always seeks to impose their brand, based on sounds and rhythms Techno, Minimal, Funk, Punk, Pop, in order to grow and create new worlds and circles with beats, always in constant search of something different and cutting edge. From his earliest years he has reached the highest sales charts on Beatport, Juno and Itunes, with tracks like "Moop", "Salmonella", "Paradiso", among others. He made a giant step after editing one of their first releases: "Blissfull EP", which allowed him to reach the European style and all tracks in the summer. Different labels were interested in releasing music of Gabriel, "Piso records" was one of them, where he left big brands reaching with impact in the local labels. In this label he has published several releases, highlighting "Cart on Sharp", "Normal", "Miniworms" and "A Buenos Aires," his first album. As a producer, he lived the scene in progress day by day, but her performances were livining only locally. Thanks to the join in the Dutch agency "Dedicated artist agency" in 2008, arrives for the first time to the international level, demonstrating his talents in another culture. His first trip serves as experience to listen and live the European freshness and motivation to continue their productions to a fuller sound level. Furthermore the approach to artists like Magda, Troy Pierce, Marc Houle, among others, served to further entrench its genre and rely more on their works. In early 2010, with tracks played on several tracks in the world, Gabriel decides to project with his brother Javier an independent label, with the objetive of finding talent and new music. With the support of the recording studio Delacóclea records, led by Javier, Ninefont music is founded in 2011 with its first release, "Paradiso" by one of its owners: Gabriel Ferreira. This first EP reached the highest sales of the style, consolidating to Ninefont. But not only consolidated the label, this was the first link to Magda, Marc Houle and Troy Pierce propose a edition to Gabriel in "Items & Things", after several years without releases of this label. The track "Sill" (2011) is released on vinyl and digital on the first Various Artists, drawing him public to Gabriel, who began to impact with large footprints. Already in 2012, Unique proposes him the integration on the team, which made you earn much more attention nationwide. Residing cycle "Crobar be Techno" and playing in the best clubs in the country, as Crobar, Mandarine and Bahrein began to make a new tour to Latin American and European level. Playing in cities such as Madrid, London, Glascow, Edinburgh, Berlin, Paris, Marseille, Geneva, Bern, Amsterdam, Caracas, Mexico City, Hermosillo, Querétaro, Lima, Porto Alegre, among others. His European tour in late 2012 and the harsh winter of Berlin, locked him in a study of that city to produce unconventional music, inspired by the classical dance of Berlin with too much snowfall and cold nights. In April 2013 these works are decided edit: Gabriel released their second single on "Items & Things label" with five tracks, demonstrating and defining their latest works. The idea retro 80s began to have an impact on the dancefloors and Gabriel took advantage of their ideas to transmit them to all listeners. Upon returning to Argentine soil (2013), the first digital EP Unique Community label starts with "Gabriel Ferreira - Blap", giving label category in all digital stores the group that until then was interested only in the festivals and live nationwide. This allowed him to hold onto the national scene, sharing many festivals throughout the Argentine country, and being put in the light of different promoters internationally. Currently and after his last European tour in May 2014, Gabriel constantly continues with the production and management of Ninefont music, taking a lead role in major festivals and clubs in the country, and he continues looking consolidate their projects, always with the obsession to learn and grow above, and create a defined style and musical world.- |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Selected discography of Gabriel Ferreira SINGLES Gabriel Ferreira - Cassettes and More EP | Ninefont music Gabriel Ferreira - Proyect 4 | Creepy Fingers Gabriel Ferreira - Good Trip ep | Items & Things Gabriel Ferreira – Blap ep | Unique Community Gabriel Ferreira – Preferences album | Ninefont music Gabriel Ferreira – Paradiso ep | Ninefont music Gabriel Ferreira – Normal | Piso records Gabriel Ferreira – Carnaval Latino | Piso records Gabriel Ferreira – A Buenos Aires LP | Piso records Gabriel Ferreira – Blissful EP | Miniatura records V.A. Balances series by Magda - Gabriel Ferreira - Fold (Original Mix) Items & Things V.A – Gabriel Ferreira - Sill (Original Mix) SK Supreme records - Minimal To Maximal Vol.1 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Bookings Worldwide: gabrielferreira@ninefont.com
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