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Looking for: Game Design
Budget: $125.00
We are currently working on a story driven, interactive mobile game and we have an overall idea of the design, story and what we need in the game. However, we need someone to help with the user experience, interface and design. We need to fit the pieces we want in the game in a creative and fun way. The game is sort of a puzzle that gives the player pieces of information of the story in various way to let the player figure out the rest on their own. We have some unique mechanics that we want to include but we need to include it in a way that the player will understand easily, makes sense and deliver the experience we want to deliver. It is a unique mobile game, inspired by other great mobile games such as Her Story, Device 6, Blackbar and the PC game Gone Home. We are looking for someone to collaborate with and discuss different approaches and the best way to achieve the goal we have in mind. We do not have something specific right now and things can change. We have an initial design that is being applied in Unity as a prototype. We will also share the specifics of the mechanics we are considering, the specifics of the game, the prototype design and even the story of the game to better understand the project.
Posted 10 months agoExpires in 9 months

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