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Looking for: Vocal
Budget: Negotiable
Looking for a singer for my song. My vocal not suitable for this track, cause I do not know much English)) This should be commercial vocals (my vox sounds is not..). The melody is already there, you just need to spend an hour of time to record. This song is just a presentation of me, so I don’t have a huge budget. **Are you looking to pay or is this a collaboration?** Hire a freelancer **Is this ongoing work or a one off job?** One-off specific project or job **How would you prefer to pay for the project?** Fixed project total **Enter your job or project budget range?** 0-25 **Do you have an estimate of the job or project length?** 1-2 hours **Are you a company or individual hiring?** Freelancer **How many freelancers do you want to contact you?** 1 **Do you need to hire for a specific city, country or place?** No, we can work online **When do you want to have the freelancer secured by?** 1 week **What is most important for this job?** Quality **Do you have a project specification or creative brief?** Yes (please enter this in the description) **Where did you find Twine?** Can't remember
Posted a month agoExpires in 4 days

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