Christian Delao
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Whittier, United States
Last online: 7 months ago
My name is christian, I'm stuck in 1992 and I love the 90's and hot wheels. I'm currently attending rio hondo college to obtain a degree in photography. In my spare time I love to take pictures of things I come across and edit them with photoshop. I consider photoediting to my craft I practice among with picture taking I can make subtle or dramatic changes to a picture such as making certain parts black and white or blurry or sharper, I can make specific colors pop more or edit things out of a picture such as tattoos or scars or facial blemishes. I can make people thinner without it being noticeable, I can make flyers and/or brochures I have a flexible schedule among with my strong desire to absolutely finish a picture means I am dedicated to what a client wants and I will get to that point by all means. I'm also a pretty easy going guy and can take constructive criticism

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